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Obviously an enthusiast, working at a Yamaha/Kawasaki dealer 10 years as a youngster during the 70's, diagnosing and cleaning carburetors was a necessity.  

Using todays modern, specialized equipment...refurbs and restorations have met great success when I decided to "start up" over the past few years. Please see the photo gallery for examples of my past work....from 1938 BMW to ZRX1200.  Free free to inquire about estimates (realistic and affordable) , lead times (quick), shipping and payment info. 

I'm on Long Island, east of NYC. 

Note website improvements and changes wil be ongoing.  

 Thanks, Gordon  aka "Duc"    

Some feedback

Yes, these are genuine. ..going back a few years, many from, a forum where I've been a member for many years now.  My username is Ducatiman (aka Duc).  You are welcome to look me up over there, many examples of my work and further feedback within a great forum!    


Just to update this, the carbs from Ducatiman work amazing. They perform perfectly and look amazing on the bike. Will for sure be using Ducatiman for all my future carb work.


My, my...  Who's carbs are these again?  Amazing. 


I second what Ducatiman was saying, I dont trust just anyone in my carbs. Ducatiman did and does a over and beyond the call of duty job on all his work. You cant beat his prices and craftsmanship. Even with me being several states separated, I would never dream of letting anyone else do my carb works. I highly recommend his services to everyone.


just an update, I got the carbs really fast thanks to Ducatiman. I plan on putting them on the bike today. Pictures to follow. By the way, these carbs look awesome. You successfully transformed a set of nasty old malfunctioning carbs into a set of show piece quality.


Highly recommend DucatiMan for any service. He's helped me out several times with carbs spewing fuel. Awesome guy who knows his sh*t. 


Ducatiman definitely knows his stuff. straightforward good honest work. has down to earth prices and goes above and beyond to make sure we can ride the bikes we (members of forum) love, in good running condition. I recently had him overhaul my carbs and he kept me posted right from the minute he received them to the minute he sent them back. he had run out of fuel filters but mailed me one (even though the post office messed that up he is resending me a new filter) and since installing the carbs my bike has never run better. it fires up, idles smooth, and runs strong. I would highly recommend his carb service to anyone and I plan on telling everyone I know with carbs to send them to him. Ducati Thanks a lot for helping out.


Sorry was out riding,holy crap like a new bike,fired right up 3rd try,was rough for a minute after warmed,slid choke off did die but quickly figured out was idle,set perfect now and the bike runs like never before,super snappy,so quiet smooth,and compression is awesome at pipes both thumpin good could not be any happier,went for a quick 20 minute ride to be safe, and was awesome,idle kicks back down throttle feels great,thanks again ducatiman.


Guess I never updated here.

If anyone reads this, bike fired right up and ran healthy with 2.5 turns. I'm not saying everyone go buy a 2-1 system, but I can confirm with clean carbs it runs fine with no flat spots. I also still get that weird kick of power from 7.5k rpms to redline.


I installed my carbs this weekend and all that was needed was a little tweaking on the idle screw and she is purring like a kitten.  I took it out on the road for about 75 miles and very much enjoyed the ride.

Thanks you for a high quality job!

If anyone needs any carburator work done Ducatiman is your guy.


If you want to start over with your carbs and just don't feel comfortable digging in yourself Duc is your absolute best option.  Total satisfaction with this whole experience.  

Thanks again Ducatiman!


Got the fzr all reassembled and might I say, You are the man!! After some minor tweaking & getting the bike idling around 1000rpms I tried the infrared gun as the bike seemed to be running a hair rich. I shot all 4 headers & 3 of 4 were within 15 degrees. The 1 header read approx 45 degrees less so I backed the idle screw out about 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn and all is good in the world. It's like having a new bike & I can't thank you enough, no leaks, no problems just a big shit eating grin after going on a ride. I would most definitely recommend you and I couldn't be happier..


Just to let anyone else thinking about getting the service from Ducatiman, IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!  got my carbs back last week got them in the bike and go figure dead battery. charged up over night and now the bike purrs. its beautiful.  I'm mechanically inclined enough to do most of the work on the bike but the carbs, not so much.  Ducatiman explained what he found and what he fixed and kept me very well informed(i'm third owner of the bike i had no idea if anyone had tweaked these before me, come to find out someone had)  my confidence in the reliability of my bike not is unflappable. Thank you Ducatiman, and i would highly recommend his work to anyone!


video from Lars aka Absenth


My daughter came over this weekend hoping to take her bike home. I was still fiddling with the turn signal wiring and a couple of other little things. We finished everything and took the bike off the work table. I was going to take it for a shake ride but my daughter was in a hurry and said she'd be fine. She texted me later to say it runs great.

I just want to thank you again for the help in getting her bike finished and for making a young lady very happy.


So, hey, if you are in need, please inquire. And thanks for looking, Gordon (aka Duc)  

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